The $BUBBLE coin is a native cryptocurrency created by Imaginary Ones, which successfully had its Token Generation Event (TGE) on the 14th of May 2024, 10:00 (UTC).

$BUBBLE is the utility token driving the Imaginary World, used for gaming, merchandise, and content. It is designed to empower holders with governance rights, thereby allowing them to shape the future of the Imaginary World and rewarding their contributions. More than just a utility, $BUBBLE fosters the creator economy and secures digital ownership, giving creators and users control over their digital assets.

$BUBBLE is critical for amplifying the Imaginary Ones IP. Its overarching function is to bolster brand growth, spread awareness globally, and draw people into our ecosystem and products. This strategy aims to create a flywheel effect, where increased awareness fuels brand growth, attracting more participants to the ecosystem and generating a self-sustaining cycle of engagement and expansion.

$BUBBLE is a key driver for participation, creativity, digital ownership, and brand growth, marking a pioneering phase for Imaginary World. We aim to forge a vibrant community, ignite global interest, and build a thriving ecosystem that supports our vision of interconnected creativity, ownership, and growth.

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