Chest Rewards Distribution Mechanics

As an Early Bird participant, you qualify for

  • Common Bubble$ Chest: Available upon completion of Task #1.

  • Epic Bubble$ Chest: Unlocked after finishing Task #2.

The Early Birds chests will be delivered through redemption codes. These codes will be sent to your registered email addresses.

We will consolidate the Common Bubble$ Chest / Epic Bubble$ Chest you're eligible for and email you a unique redemption code.

If you complete both Task #1 & Task #2, you will receive both Common Bubble$ Chest & Epic Bubble$ Chest.

How Does It Work?

  1. Receive Your Code: A unique treasure chest redemption code will be sent to your registered email.

  2. Redeem in App: Enter the code within the Bubble Rangers mobile app.

  3. One Code, Multiple Chests: Regardless of whether you qualify for 1 or 2 treasure chests, you'll receive just one redemption code. This code will automatically account for the total number of chests you're eligible for.

  4. Keep It Private: Avoid sharing your redemption code publicly.

  5. One-time Use: Once your code has been redeemed, it cannot be used again.

  6. Redemption Code Expiry: There's no expiry date for the redemption code.

Please ensure the security of your code and enjoy your treasure chests!

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