Epoch #1: Unite

Status: Ended, pending rewards distribution (Last updated 17th October) As a brand, we've noticed a division between the NFT and Crypto communities, almost like they're on separate sides of the same playground.

However, we believe that when these two worlds come together, there's incredible potential. Our goal is to bridge that gap and unite these spaces.

This is why we've introduced "Unite" as the first-ever epoch of our gaming social experiment. Imaginary Ones aims to be the first project that brings together the NFT and Crypto communities.

How are we achieving this?

We're expanding our ecosystem to include both NFT and Crypto communities.

If you hold NFTs or Crypto Tokens, you can claim a special shimmering BUBBLE$ chest by visiting https://experiment.imaginaryones.com.

Now, we'd like to know: which other communities should we consider adding next?

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