Commonly Asked Questions for Gaming Social Experiment - Epoch #1: Unite

Can I use multiple wallets to register via Premint?

Yes, absolutely.

If you meet the qualifications outlined in Premint, you can register using as many wallets as you like.

Can I use the same wallet to register multiple Premints?

Yes, you are allowed.

If you qualify for the requirements specified by us in Premint, you can use the same wallet as many times as you like to register.

Is it possible to register using multiple email addresses?

Yes, you can register with multiple email addresses.

However, please note that the redemption codes are linked to a single email address.

This means that one Bubble Rangers account can only redeem one set of redemption codes associated with one email address.

If you choose to register with two different emails, you will need two separate Bubble Rangers player accounts to redeem both sets of redemption codes.

Why do we need the ETH wallet address to register on Premint?

It's a surprise. More details will be released when the Bubble Ranger game is officially launched.

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