Our objective is to establish an equitable and just process for claiming BUBBLE$ chests that is open to both the NFT and Crypto token communities.

We aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of their affiliation, has an equal opportunity to participate and reap the benefits of our initiatives.

Our focus is on leveling the playing field, allowing both NFT enthusiasts and Crypto holders to thrive together within our community, promoting unity and shared success.

To achieve this, we have chosen Premint as our rewards-claiming technology partner.

Premint is a trusted tool widely used by numerous other projects in the industry.

Here's how we're implementing the NFT Unite and Crypto Token Unite methodologies:

NFT Unite Methodology:

We selected the top 400 NFT projects based on trading volume.

Claims will be processed through Premint and require ownership of specific NFT tokens.

Crypto Token Unite Methodology:

We identified the top 100 ERC-20 projects based on market capitalization.

Claims will be facilitated through Premint, with access granted through their Discord community.

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