Bubble Squad

On Sep 18, 2023, SGT 4pm, holders of NFTs in the Imaginary Ones ecosystem will be able to form Bubble Squad to earn Rainbow Bubbles.

Rainbow Bubbles are exclusive for Imaginary Ones holders. Assemble your squad with Imaginary Ones, Imaginary Rides, and Imaginary Artifacts to begin accumulating Rainbow Bubbles. Rainbow Bubbles grants holders exclusive allocations to IO tokens.

The following NFTs will be included in Bubble Squad:

You do not need every single NFT to form a Bubble Squad. However, forming a full squad will reap additional bonuses.

To start earning Rainbow Bubbles:

1. Have a profile on our staking site. 2. Connect all wallets that hold the aforementioned NFTs to your profile. 3. Stake your Imaginary Ones and/or Imaginary Rides if you have any. 4. Assign the NFTs to squads.*

*CMTTAT foundation pieces do not need any squad assignments, but will still need a profile to earn Rainbow Bubbles.

Rainbow Bubble reward allocations

1. Imaginary Ones (IO)

You will be able to assign 1 x IO to each squad. Having an IO will give you 120 Rainbow Bubbles a day.

IOs also give a bonus % to the total amount of Rainbow Bubbles the squad collects daily.

2. Imaginary Rides

Rides are categorized into Air, Land, and Sea. Each ride will earn you 20 Rainbow Bubbles a day.

If you own a full set of Air, Land, and Sea rides, you will earn an additional Rides set bonus of 60 Rainbow Bubbles.

Rare and Legendary Rides give 40 and 200 Rainbow Bubbles, respectively. They are wild cards that can be placed in any air, land, or sea ride slot to form a squad.

3. Imaginary Artifacts

There are a total of 12 Artifacts to be collected. Each Artifact will earn 6 Rainbow Bubbles a day.

If you own a full set of 12 unique Artifacts, you will earn an additional Artifact set bonus of 72 Rainbow Bubbles a day.

4. CMTTAT Foundation Pieces

Owning a piece of CMTTAT’s foundation piece will automatically* earn 800 Rainbow Bubbles a day.

*CMTTAT foundation pieces do not need any squad assignments, but will still need a profile on the staking platform to earn Rainbow Bubbles.

Illustration of a Full Squad


1. Do artifacts need to be staked?

No. We will detect the artifacts in your wallet and allow them to be assigned to squads.

2. Can I use 12 duplicates of the same artifact in a squad to gain the Artifact bonus?

No. You must collect all 12 unique artifacts to gain the artifact bonus.

3. What happens if I unstake my IO?

It will be removed from your squad automatically. You will still keep the Rainbow Bubbles collected thus far.

4. Can I transfer my Rainbow Bubbles out of my profile?

No. Your Rainbow Bubbles will stay with your wallet. There’s no way to transfer it out. Safeguard your wallet carefully.

5. I am a CMTTAT foundation piece owner. How do I start earning Rainbow Bubbles?

Connect your wallet holding the NFT to world.imaginaryones.com, a profile will be created and you will see your piece starting to collect 800 Rainbow Bubbles daily.

6. What if I have duplicates of one type of ride?

You can assign them to separate squads. They will not be able to earn the Rides set bonus.

7. Do I need an IO to form a squad?

It is not compulsory to have an IO to start your squad. However, since having an IO boosts the overall amount of Rainbow Bubbles earned in a squad, it is highly beneficial for a team to have an IO.

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