We have partnered with Beam and committed to launching on Sphere, the NFT marketplace for gaming assets.

Sphere offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing anyone to quickly and easily purchase their favorite gaming assets. As the backbone of the BeamSDK, Sphere empowers gamers to buy and sell assets on Beam and the Immutable zkEVM.

Sphere is a versatile marketplace where gamers can trade various in-game assets, including weapons, characters, cosmetics, and ownership certificates. Designed with a focus on the assets themselves, Sphere provides an intuitive user experience for acquiring favorite gaming items. It aims to serve gamers, collectors, and creators by offering maximum customization, in-depth analytics, and detailed gameplay information.

Supported by the Merit Circle DAO and the Beam network, Sphere aims to accelerate the gaming industry. This partnership leverages extensive knowledge and experience from the gaming industry, incorporating it into a robust product for gamers and developers. Sphere empowers game developers to create in-game marketplaces using Sphere smart contracts, enhancing the gaming experience without players even realizing it.

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