HUGO BLUE X Imaginary Ones

All HUGO BLUE x Imaginary Ones jackets were fully reserved within 1 hour.


We are excited to continue our partnership with renowned fashion brand HUGO, bringing an exclusive drop to our vibrant community and introducing a special-edition, customizable denim jacket from HUGO’s latest denim-focused line, HUGO BLUE.

This piece has been uniquely enhanced for Web3 integration with an NFC tag that unlocks an exclusive, WebAR-powered experience. It is also usable as an avatar skin on Roblox.

Catering to our Gen-Z audience, HUGO, and Imaginary Ones are venturing into gaming and Metaverse spaces, pivotal cultural territories. This partnership is designed to harness gamification, social interaction, self-expression, and self-exploration—values that resonate deeply with the Imaginary Ones community and align with HUGO’s innovative spirit.

On March 12, we shared exclusive jacket details with our community on Discord and X, building excitement and curiosity. Starting March 14, holders had a unique opportunity to reserve a physical jacket via a deposit system, payable only in USDT.

All jackets were fully reserved within one hour.

May 17 marks the beginning of a 72-hour window for buyers to claim their jackets via a hidden page on, reminiscent of the gaming world’s cherished “easter eggs.”

The denim jacket is accompanied by a DIY customization kit, featuring five exclusive HUGO x Imaginary Ones patches for a personalized touch. Beneath the HUGO flower patch, a hidden NFC tag unlocks a unique WebAR-powered experience accessible through a simple phone tap. Fans can customize and share their digital wearable on social platforms without downloading any special app.

This digital wearable can then be redeemed for a unique Roblox skin, usable across the entire Roblox ecosystem, and claimable in a secret bubble room where they can also choose a matching helmet.

After customizing their digital wearable and redeeming their custom Roblox skin, buyers will receive the equivalent of 350 USD in Imaginary Ones’ upcoming digital currency, $BUBBLE Coin.

Additionally, our loyal NFT holders will receive an extra 10-30% $BUBBLE Coin for each NFT they possess.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we blend fashion, technology, and the metaverse.

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