3. Farm for $BUBBLE

UPDATE: $BUBBLE farming season 1 has officially concluded!

$BUBBLE is for mass adoption.

That's why we have opened up $BUBBLE to everyone. You can farm for $BUBBLE via:

  • Social: Complete social tasks

  • Gaming: Play games

It's our strategic approach to facilitate mass adoption and engagement in our Web3 entertainment ecosystem.

1. Diversification of Participation

By providing two different methods to earn $BUBBLE, we want to cater to a broader audience.

Some users might prefer social interactions and tasks, while others prefer gaming. This inclusivity ensures that we reach a broader demographic that can participate in and benefit from the ecosystem.

2. Community Building and Engagement

Engaging in social tasks and gaming creates a sense of community among participants.

It encourages users to interact, collaborate, and compete, fostering a vibrant and active community centered around $BUBBLE and our entertainment ecosystem.

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