UPDATE: $BUBBLE farming season 1 has officially concluded!

Start your social farming engine.

Complete social tasks, earn social points, and convert your social points into $BUBBLE Coins!

Sign up for social farming via the $BUBBLE Dashboard @

$BUBBLE Dashboard

  1. Navigate to $BUBBLE site

  2. Click on Bubble Connect button

  3. Selected your preferred connector

    • As of 22 February 2024, only Twitter OAuth 2.0 is available

    • You should be redirected to Twitter for authorization

  4. On Twitter, grant the authorization to allow IO SSO to access your data to create an IO SSO account

    • You should be redirected back to IO SSO

  5. Input an email address that we can reach out to you with

    • You would only need to input this once

    • You should be redirected back to IO SSO's authorization page

  6. On IO SSO, grant the authorization to allow $BUBBLE site to access your data to link your $BUBBLE profile with your IO SSO account

  7. You should be redirected back to the $BUBBLE site with your account created and linked

  8. Start your social farming!

Types of Social Tasks

  • Tweet Calender

Interact with our tweets daily to earn social points. You get a 2x multiplier if you interact with our tweets within a stipulated timeframe.

  • Refer-A-Friend

Refer a friend to join our social platform via your unique referral link to get 10,000 social points!

  • Adhoc Challenges

Occasionally, adhoc challenges are added to the $BUBBLE dashboard.

Keep a lookout for them!

Bonus Multiplier

As you progress and get more social points, you unlock bonus multiplier tiers, giving you even more social points!

We have 5 bonus multipier tiers:

  • Ice Cream Tier

  • Elephant Tier

  • Bunny Tier

  • Cup Cake Tier

  • Hamburger Tier

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