CMTTAT's Foundation Pieces

The CMTTAT's Foundation Pieces are a series of exclusive 21 art pieces.

Being an owner means more than just having a beautiful art piece on your digital canvas; it's a shared identity and connection with a limited group of people who value rarity and cultural significance. This community of 21 stands out in the digital art world, cherishing the unique bond and recognition that comes with such a prized possession.

In addition to the artwork, owners are welcomed into the Imaginary Ones ecosystem, a special space that offers more than just art. Here, you can explore unique experiences and opportunities, turning art ownership into a journey filled with discovery and connection.

Foundation Pieces:

#1: Imaginary Renaissance

The Imaginary Renaissance is an exquisite masterpiece that will ignite the imagination of art enthusiasts and collectors alike. This captivating piece is a vibrant portrayal of the genesis of the bubblelite, and the fascinating transformation that takes place as it blossoms into a breathtaking array of imaginary characters.

From its initial emergence to its ultimate manifestation, this work of art is a stunning celebration of creativity, innovation, and the boundless power of the human imagination.

Auctioned at Sotheby's and showcased at their exhibition in Paris, the Imaginary Renaissance is a must-own for anyone who appreciates the beauty and magic of art.


#2: Beautiful World x imagination

The artwork intricately weaves together a tapestry of ever-evolving colors, each hue meticulously chosen to reflect the serene and harmonious environment imagined for these entities.

"Beautiful World x Imagination" thus stands as a testament to the endless possibilities and peaceful coexistence that the future holds for these imaginative creations.


#3: Imaginary Genesis Spheres

"Imaginary Genesis Spheres" is a special artwork made before the "imaginary ones" came to life. This art shows the special balls or spheres made to start the story of the "imaginary ones" characters.

Each of these spheres is like a magic starting point, bringing the imaginary ones to life. When you look at this piece, you can imagine the first moments these cool characters were born. It's like peeking into the very beginning of their world!


#4: Imaginary Hope

I want to remind everyone that there's always hope, even when things seem tough. This art piece tells us to care for one another and wish for a peaceful world. Everyone goes through hard times, but hope can help us push through.

The main part of this artwork is a flower that keeps changing. This flower stands for the never-ending beauty of our world. Just like the world can surprise us with beauty when we least expect it, this flower reminds us always to find hope and see the good around us.


#5: Imaginary Experiment

Before the Imaginary Ones were created, this artwork displays the initial machine designed to blend unique elements known as ion spheres.

This started the whole journey of Imaginary Ones. It's like looking at a piece of history that set everything in motion. By mixing these ion spheres, a whole new world of imagination was unlocked.


#6: Satisfying Touches

"Satisfying Touches" is one of my first works and holds a special place in my heart. This animation isn't just cool to look at; it also brings a peaceful feeling, like a gentle wave on a quiet beach.

I made this animation with a lot of care. My hope is that when people watch it, they feel relaxed and comforted. It's like a little break from a busy day, a moment to breathe and feel good.


#7: Imaginary Machine

This piece gives us a sneak peek into how an ion sphere is crafted. It's like watching the secret recipe of a delicious dish being made, and every sphere is packed with happiness.

In this artwork, you can see the careful steps and magic that go into making each ion sphere. It's really neat to see the starting point of something so important. With every sphere made, it's like adding a little bit of joy to the world!


#8: Imaginary Palette Maker

Let us peek into this art piece - to see how the wonderful colors for the characters are created. It's like watching a chef mix ingredients to make a tasty dish, but here, we're mixing colors!

Whenever a color is chosen, a little spark of imagination lights up. These colors aren't random; they tell stories and give life to the Imaginary Ones. It's amazing to see how a simple color can inspire so many feelings and ideas!


#9: Endless Imagination

"Endless Imagination" showcases the main genesis sphere, a magical starting point that opens up unlimited possibilities for the world of the Imaginary Ones. This sphere is like the key to a treasure chest, unlocking endless adventures and stories.

In this artwork, you can almost feel the energy and creativity bursting from the Genesis sphere. It's like a doorway to a universe where anything can happen. It's amazing to think that from this one sphere, so many different ideas and imaginative journeys can begin.


#10: Imaginary Chase

"Imaginary Chase" is an inspirational artwork that shows how we all are in a non-stop race to find success in life. But here's the important message: it's not about who gets there first. Instead, it's about sticking together and helping each other on this journey.

The piece itself is really special. It was made with exact math calculations to ensure everything moves just right with the camera and the things in the way. It's like watching a perfectly choreographed dance, but with a deeper message about teamwork and life's race.


#11: Imaginary Mixer

This artwork comes from my early days, even before the Imaginary Ones were made.

It lets us peek into the backstage of the creative process, showing how all those amazing colors get mixed together to give life to the characters of the Imaginary Ones.

In this piece, you can see the magic of blending different colors and how they come together. It's like watching a behind-the-scenes movie, but for colors. Every shade and hue plays a part, making the Imaginary Ones as vibrant and unique as they are.


#12: Endless Goo Serum

"Endless Goo Serum" is the dynamic elixir responsible for igniting the vivid imaginations of the "Imaginary Ones" characters. More than just a substance, it embodies the raw energy and boundless creativity that define these unique beings.

This serum isn't merely functional; it's a catalyst. It unlocks a realm of infinite possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what's conceivable. Each drop contains a universe of stories, and it's this magical blend that brings the Imaginary Ones to life, allowing them to embark on their adventures in the Imaginary World.


#13: Breaking Boundaries

As an artist, I've always pushed myself to go beyond what's familiar.

"Breaking Boundaries" is a digital recreation of that personal journey. It tells a story: things can be tough initially, but if you keep going, you'll break through those barriers.

I poured my heart into this animation, and it's not just about the message but also the beauty of the art. I'm proud that it got noticed and was shown in many magazines and on TV.

To me, "Breaking Boundaries" isn't just another project; it's a piece of my heart, showing the results of challenging yourself.


#14: Endless Spirals

In my journey as an artist, I've always been drawn to continuous movement, just like in life.

"Endless Spirals" is my personal take on this. It's inspired by life's ongoing journey, where we have to keep pushing forward, no matter the hurdles. Even when the world seems full of negativity, this artwork is my way of saying, "Don't stop. Keep going."

Through "Endless Spirals," I want to inspire others to keep making the world brighter, one step at a time. It's my tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.


#15: Genesis Imaginary Balls

These spheres were the starting point, the foundation of my art, especially for my "satisfying art of CMTTAT" series. Every time I look at them, I'm reminded of where I began and how far I've come.

They hold a personal significance to me, symbolizing the raw ideas and passion that have since shaped my work. Through these spheres, I hope to share a piece of my heart and the origins of my artistic expression with everyone.


#16: Beautiful World Nº3

Every brushstroke and detail was inspired by the vibrant world I envision in my mind's eye. Creating it was my way of infusing a sense of calm and peace, especially after the challenging times we faced in 2021.

With this piece, I wanted to gently remind everyone, including myself, that despite life's ups and downs, our world has beauty waiting to be discovered. It's my hope that "Beautiful World Nº3" offers a moment of solace and a glimpse into the hopeful world I carry in my heart.


#17: Furry Cutter

"Furry Cutter" reflects my love for blending softness with unique forms.

When I created this piece, I wanted to capture the pure serenity that the gentle fall of the soft, hairy cubes evokes. Every time I look at it, I'm reminded of the tranquility and peace I felt while shaping it. I'm humbled and proud that it resonated with so many, given its significant attention in the media.


#18: Somewhere in the the world

Crafted with utmost care, I poured my emotions into this piece, hoping to offer a moment of serenity to anyone who views it.

The gentle softness of the spheres symbolizes the peace I felt while creating it. I'm deeply moved by how it touched the hearts of many, evident from its features across various media platforms and the countless views it garnered.

This artwork isn't just a visual treat; it's my personal invitation to find a moment of calm in our bustling world.


#19: Beautiful World Nº2

Creating this piece was like painting the innermost corners of my heart and mind, desiring to share that tranquil, calming vibe with others.

2021 was undeniably challenging for all of us, and through this artwork, I aimed to offer a comforting embrace, a reminder that beauty persists even amidst adversity.

It's not just a piece on canvas; it's a piece of my soul, hoping to assure others that no matter the storms, the world remains filled with wonder and beauty.


#20: Beautiful World Nº1

"Beautiful World Nº1" is where it all began for me, the very first heartbeat of my sphere series that mirrors the vibrant landscapes of my imagination.

Crafting this piece was like translating my innermost thoughts and feelings onto a canvas. In the aftermath of the tumultuous year of 2020, my intention was clear: to provide a sanctuary of calm and healing for anyone who beholds it.

It's more than just art; it's my earnest hope and reminder that even in challenging times, our world brims with wonder, and beauty always finds a way to shine through.


#21: Endless Chase

"Endless Chase" is a deeply personal reflection of my observations on our human journey.

Through this artwork, I've tried to capture the relentless pursuit we all find ourselves in, but with a whimsical twist to depict the surreal adventures life often throws at us.

It's an honor to know that my vision resonated with so many, evident from its features on platforms like 9GAG and the millions who've viewed it.

This piece isn't just an artistic expression; it's a piece of my heart, reminding us all to find joy in the chase and the unpredictable journey of life.


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