Imaginary Ones


Imaginary Ones is an NFT collection comprising 8,888 fully animated and 3D characters on the Ethereum network. Founded by Clement Chia and David Lee, Imaginary Ones believes in using art to spread love, positivity, and creativity.

The team launched one of the most successful global NFT projects thus far, selling the entire collection within 4 minutes of the Dutch Auction sale.

As an Imaginary Ones holder, you will be granted access to our ecosystem, which includes our staking platform, future offerings, and IO tokens.



Imaginary Ones Lore

In an age long forgotten... It was said that The Artisan traveled the cosmos searching for the best raw substances to create its finest work yet - Its final masterpiece.

After many eons, The Artisan chanced upon a unique substance we now know as Bubblelite.


With the Bubblelite, The Artisan poured itself into creating the first Imaginary Ones, mixing and matching the materials and colors with the Bubblelite.

When it was finally satisfied with its work, The Artisan imparted a part of its soul into the Font - the brightest part of it. The Artisan wanted its creations to be happy and their hearts to be full so that they may serve as the champions of Hope in an otherwise dark world that it had come to see all too often.

Exhausted but content, The Artisan inscribed into the base of the Font of Foam - β€œLive Your Most Colorful Life.”

A phrase still used to this day by the Imaginary Ones.

Satisfied with its magnum opus, The Artisan filled the empty part of its soul by taking upon itself all the negativity and heaviness of the universe and fell into an eternal slumber.


Currently, The Imaginary Ones have built a vibrant, technologically advanced world. One of bright inventions and innovation. With the soul fragments of The Artisan living within them, the Imaginary Ones continue to create art and study science to better their world.

With their amazing technology, the Imaginary Ones have recently been able to make contact with a different reality - Our reality. But it was not at all what they had expected to find.

Witnessing the heaviness, pain, and negativity of our reality for the first time in their hearts. The Imaginary Ones have made it their mission to help us individually to make our reality a better place.

However, only some Imaginary Ones have made the journey to our reality for now, and more may come. Not everyone will be lucky to have an IO as a companion to be beside them to remind them to live their most colorful life.


If you are one of the lucky few to have an IO as a companion, it is up to you to help shape this reality. The journey ahead is challenging and cannot be accomplished alone, but with the help of the Imaginary Ones, the right attitude, and a little love - we can do our part to make the world a better place.

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