Imaginary Rides


The Imaginary Rides is the second collection in the Imaginary Ones' ecosystem.

The Imaginary Rides is a breathtaking collection of world-class art crafted from scratch. Each piece has been carefully curated to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

A new set of art also opens up opportunities for licensing and merchandising, creating additional revenue streams and expanding the collection's reach even further.

Holders of Imaginary Rides gain access to the Imaginary Ones ecosystem, future offerings, and IO tokens.



Imaginary Rides Lore

In the earliest days of the cosmos, a yearning existed in the hearts of beings throughout the universe - a desire to explore, see more, and experience the wonders of the cosmos beyond their own worlds.

It was a desire that burned bright in the soul of every adventurer and explorer, driving them to seek out new frontiers and chart uncharted territories.

The Artisan, a gifted creator and inventor, saw this yearning in the hearts of beings across the universe and was moved to act.

Drawing upon the mystical properties of Bubblelite, the Artisan set out to create a new mode of transport that could carry adventurers and explorers through the vastness of space and time.

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