Linking IO Products

IO has multiple products existing on the web and as mobile applications.

If you are already signed in to IO SSO on the web, you would not have to sign in again on the different web apps/dapps to IO SSO. Instead, you would only need to grant access to the specific application to allow reading of data from your IO SSO account.

However, states are handled differently and exist seperately on mobile applications. As such, you would need to sign in and grant access to IO SSO each time you are linking a mobile application.

$BUBBLE Dashboard

Assuming that you have already created an IO SSO account and signed in:

  1. Navigate to $BUBBLE site

  2. Click on Bubble Connect button

  3. On IO SSO, grant the authorization to allow $BUBBLE site to access your data to link your $BUBBLE profile with your IO SSO account

  4. You should be redirected back to the $BUBBLE site with your account linked

Bubble Rangers

See Single Sign-On (SSO > Creating an IO SSO Account > Bubble Rangers

*Note: You would not be prompted to input an email address (Step 6 will be skipped and proceed on with Step 7).

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