Strategic Advisors

At Imaginary Ones, we take immense pride in introducing you to the driving force behind our growth and success โ€“ our team of dedicated Strategic Advisors.

These seasoned experts bring a wealth of industry experience, knowledge, and insight that is the bedrock of our company's progress.

In our gaming pillar, our Strategic Advisors leverage their extensive industry experience to guide us through the ever-evolving gaming landscape. They provide invaluable insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and emerging technologies, allowing us to develop and execute gaming strategies that resonate with audiences and drive growth.

Their expertise ensures we remain competitive and innovative in a dynamic gaming industry, enabling us to deliver top-tier gaming experiences to our customers consistently.

In the IP pillar, our Strategic Advisors bring a profound understanding of intellectual property rights, legal nuances, and strategic positioning. They help us safeguard our intellectual assets, optimize IP portfolios, and explore opportunities for licensing and strategic partnerships.

Their guidance protects our IP and enhances its value, allowing us to leverage our intellectual capital to its fullest extent. With the support of our Strategic Advisors, we are well-equipped to navigate the intricate IP landscape and capitalize on the unique opportunities it presents, further bolstering our company's growth and success.

Strategic Advisors

  • Yu-Chuang Kuek - Strategic Advisor - Intellectual Property Pillar

An industry veteran with key roles at Netflix, Yahoo!, and iQIYI, as an advisor and investor, whose expertise in digital streaming and content creation will significantly enhance our IP strategies and partnerships.

  • Frances Han - Strategic Advisor - Gaming Pillar

A former gaming director at Meta and Gumi, as a strategic advisor, whose expertise in global market strategies and successful mobile game launches will be pivotal in enhancing our market entry strategies and solidifying our standing in the gaming industry.

  • Sebastien Borget - Co Founder & COO of Sandbox

As the Co-Founder & COO of Sandbox, Sebastien brings extensive gaming industry experience that can significantly benefit Imaginary Ones through his insights into creating engaging and monetizable virtual experiences.

  • Amit Malhotra - Ex. MD HBOMax, Ex. VP Disney

Amit has extensive experience in launching and managing streaming services like Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar, which is pivotal in helping us scale our film ambitions by leveraging his expertise in content distribution and localized market strategies.

  • Gwendolyn Regina - Ex. Director Binance, Ex. Investment Director BNB Chain

Gwendolyn Regina is an accomplished media and technology professional with extensive experience in Asia Pacific, Paris, and Silicon Valley. Her broad expertise in media, technology, and investment makes her a valuable asset to us as we aim to innovate and scale in these fieldsโ€‹.

  • Dingalingts - Web3 Advisor

Dingalingts is a prominent Web3 advisor and NFT investor known for his strategic insights and active involvement in the crypto and Web3 gaming communities.

  • IvanOnTech - Web3 Advisor

IvanOnTech, aka Ivan Liljeqvist, is a leading blockchain educator, YouTuber, and founder of Moralis, known for his influential work in cryptocurrency education and development tools.

  • Xeer - Web3 Advisor

Xeer co-founded the Bored Ape Singapore Club, a thriving community of over 200 Bored Ape Yacht Club members in Singapore, dedicated to fostering engagement and collaboration among NFT enthusiasts. He also serves as a Web3 advisor for numerous other projects, bringing his expertise and passion to the broader blockchain ecosystem.

  • CountDewKu - Web3 Advisor

Dewku is a member of the elite Spirit Dao community, a global collective of entrepreneurs, collectors, and investors. As an angel investor, he has backed numerous Web3 and NFT projects, leveraging his expertise to support the growth and innovation within the blockchain space.

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